Cost-of-Living Crisis: Worst the UK Has Faced in Over 50 Years

Workers in Britain are facing a historic cost-of-living crisis as inflation soars and wages fail to keep up. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of inflation is at 5.4%, the highest for nearly 30 years, while the Retail Price Index (RPI) which includes housing costs is at 7.5%. Workers and businesses face rising energy bills, housing […]

A very Covid Christmas

As reported in the BBC’s article from 20th December 2020, the rapid spread of a new strain of Covid-19 has been blamed for the implementation of a stricter tier 4 restrictions for millions in the London area, and other parts of southern and eastern England. This also means tighter restrictions for the whole of the […]

No room at the ports

Due to the pandemic, not only is there a shortage of warehouse space, but there is also a backlog of shipping stuck at ports due to PPE taking over storage, and the high demand of shipping products in and out of the UK, from the coronavirus backlog, Christmas, and Brexit uncertainties. And with Christmas on […]

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