Tinsel and Tiers

The tier system was officially released, following the lockdown 2.0, for the winter period last night, with Christmas restrictions also being discussed. In terms of Christmas, it seems that tier restrictions will be temporarily relaxed for five days between the 23rd and 27th December, so families and friends can enjoy Christmas festivities together. However, some […]

The vaccine saves the day?

As we come closer to the end of lockdown 2.0, the new Covid vaccine on the horizon seems to be a promising concept. However, the virus has already caused damage to the economy, some, such as Bank of England’s governor Andrew Bailey, state that it may change its structure completely. Hopefully, the fall and regeneration […]

Furlough – how far will it go?

The furlough scheme was introduced to the British public in March of this year to aid people who were directly affected by businesses shutting down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This scheme was due to end on 31st October; however, a second national lockdown, announced on 31st October, resulting in the scheme being extended. Therefore, […]

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